The Montegrappa Limited Edition Pirates Fountain Pen is one of the astounding Cult series, commemorating the swashbuckling scoundrels of yore who, to this day, entertain us with exploits and memorable characters in popular culture.  Offered as a piston-filler fountain pen, the Pirates are meticulously crafted by Montegrappa’s artisans in charcoal black celluloid and die-cast sterling silver. The impressive masterpiece of a pen bears the legendary Jolly Roger with grinning skulls and bones, with a corsair’s hat on the crown and a sword-shaped clip.  Festooned with seafaring ropes and chains, the Pirates pen also features swords, pistols, treasure maps, doubloons, sailing ships and the sinuous form of the mermaid, Syrena, the romantic foil to the notorious Blackbeard.  The 18K gold fountain pen nib is engraved with a pirate motif.  Limited to 399 pieces, each Pirates pen arrives in its own ‘treasure box’ of red lacquered wood with black interior.

The Limitation of the “Pirate” collection recalls the nearly 400 tons of gold treasure that William Kidd, one of the most famous of all the pirates, is believed to have buried in various spots around the globe, from Gardiners Island in New York to Île Sainte-Marie in Madagascar.  Indeed, there are to be issued 399 fountain pen and rollerball pens in Sterling Silver, and 9 pens per mode in solid 18K yellow gold.